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ekShiksha : Interactive Learning - Magnetic Effect

  Title Level
  The magnetic effects library  more Gurleen Kaur -1
  Magnetic appliances  more Gurleen Kaur 6
  Magnetic and non magnetic materials   more Gurleen Kaur 6
  Magnetic poles of common magnets   more Gurleen Kaur 6
  Magnetic direction   more Gurleen Kaur 6
  Magnetic compass   more Gurleen Kaur 6
  Rotating a magnet  more Gurleen Kaur 6
  The magnetic effects library  more Dhruv Joshi, Manisha Choudhury 10
  Electric generator  more Gurleen Kaur 10
  Domestic electric circuit  more Gurleen Kaur 10
  Magnetic field due to a current carrying conductor   more Gurleen Kaur 10
  Electric motor  more Gurleen Kaur 10

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