This is a step forward taken by the ekshiksha team for your contribution towards the paradigm of education. We provide here a portal where you can suggest us with your questions(along with their answers)which will be based on various questioning techniques which are chosen by our expert groups,these contributions made by the general public will be presented as question banks for the use of the student community and other learners to enrich their knowledge.
A gift by today's young generation to future young generation with experience and guidance from the youth of yesteryear.

What you can contribute...

You are expected to insert a word along with concrete definition.
Your contributed definitions will be used for Jumble words, crosswords, keywords and match the columns.
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Match The Columns:
You are expected to provide a keyword/statement/image and a corresponding match for that keyword/statement/image.
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Multiple Choice:
You are expected to insert a question and also provide multiple options as answers for that question out of which at least one option is correct.
If a=1, b=2. What is a+b?
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You are expected insert a statement which is either correct or incorrect and provide answer to it.
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